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Proposed Evaluation Criteria : - Desk study of empirical effects on the environment by hostilities during armed conflict
- Review of legal framework and criterion for protection of the environment
- Meeting of international experts to evaluate effects and criterion relevance to those effects
- Proposals to existing legal framework to ensure protections properly afforded to the environment and to those reliant on it.

Pledge text : Protection of the natural environment is one element necessary to give proper effect to the protection of civilian populations in times of armed conflict.  Conscious of the profound effects damage to the environment, caused during armed conflicts, has or may have on the health and survival of civilians and civilian populations, and cognizant of the fact that the scope and extent of legal protections of the natural environment merits analysis and where appropriate clarification

The Governments and National Red Cross societies hereby pledge:

1.        On the basis of recent armed conflicts, to undertake and support a concerted study highlighting the relevance of the existing legal framework for the protection of the natural environment in contemporary armed conflicts, and identifying any gaps in that context.

2.        To co-ordinate and host a meeting of experts, and on this basis prepare a report, to propose, if appropriate, areas in which the legal protection of the natural environment may be clarified and, if necessary, reinforced.