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Proposed Evaluation Criteria : Devoting at least 15% of our financial resources from non-episodic interntional response to international disaster preparedness programming.
Gathering, sharing and incorporating our best practices into our international disaster preparedness programming.

Pledge text : - to devote resources to the core Red Cross Red Crescent mission of disaster preparedness, in order to meet the growing needs of vulnerable communities due to the increase in the frequency and severity of disasters;
- by gathering and sharing collective best practices broadly throughout the Red Cross and Red Crescent Movement; including by drawing on the decades of experience of American Red Cross in encouraging individual, family, community and national preparedness across the United States;

- by researching and promoting evidence=based practice on disaster preparedness;

- by coordinating closely on all disaster preparedness initiatives aimed at building capacities within the Movement worldwide;

by collaborating closely with the Movement partners to increase capacity and by promoting humanitarian diplomacy toward these efforts at all levels of engagement within the Movement;