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Proposed Evaluation Criteria : - A common working group was established which held regular meetings;
- An updated migration strategy was approved

- Possibilities for migrants to access humanitarian support and protection were analysed, problems identified;
- Legal, administrative and/or factual obstacles to migrants’ access to humanitarian support and protection were identified;
- Practical solutions to improve migrants’ access to humanitarian support and protection were found and implemented

- The articulation and cooperation with other National Societies in migration were strengthened, particularly with Portuguese speaking national societies.  

Pledge text : We will strengthen our partnership and our common efforts to improve the access of all vulnerable migrants, irrespective of their legal status, to humanitarian support and protection on the national, regional and international level. We commit to jointly identifying any legal, administrative or factual obstacles which are keeping vulnerable migrants from accessing the support, help and protection they need in order to ensure their safety, wellbeing and dignity. We will seek to jointly explore effective ways to remove these barriers. We shall place special emphasis on the following areas/activities: access of irregular migrants and socially excluded to prevention, protection, health, social and legal support, access of all migrations to integration-related support, such as language training, job market, social and legal equality, participation in the host society, access to restoring family links services.

Pledge P2282