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Pledge text :         We acknowledge that the past decades have seen a significant increase in frequency and intensity of complex emergencies (including armed conflicts) and natural disasters, leading to a rapid transformation in the policy and the institutional context of humanitarianism. And that, therefore, humanitarian assistance, which once covered a very narrow set of basic relief activities has expanded significantly to an ever-widening and much more complex range of rehabilitation work.
    We also recognize that humanitarian assistance has always been a highly political activity, as it involves engaging authorities in conflict-affected countries or relying on financial support that can be driven by a donor's political considerations.
    In view of the above, to avoid political manipulation as relief organizations, we must rethink traditional principles and strive to maintain our neutrality by focusing on international humanitarian law, human rights law and refugee law, before and while performing our tasks in the field.

    At the same time our goal must be to put pressure on Governments, so that they support neutral and independent humanitarian aid based solely on meeting the needs for assistance and protection of affected populations.

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