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Proposed Evaluation Criteria : We establish a common working group (consisting of Ministry of foreign affairs, ministry of refugees and repatriation, ARCS) to carry out regular consultations in order to strenghten our cooperation in the areas of strenghtening ARCS's auxiliary role to Government and address the migration issues in collaboration with other authorities as needed.

Pledge text : Joint strengthening ARCS Auxiliary role and addressing Migration - GENERAL
The Government and National Red Crescent Society of Afghanistan pledge to confer regularly between the 31st and 32nd international Conference of the Red Cross and Red Crescent on issues related to strengthening the NS auxiliary role to Government  and address migration related issues. Through this consultation, the National Red Crescent Society of Afghanistan pledge to provide the Government with the full benefit of its experience and advice as needed to support the Government's efforts to improve and strengthen its mandate in terms of providing guidelines for a better auxiliary role of NS and also for migration issues.