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Proposed Evaluation Criteria : Continued strong collaboration between the New Zealand Government and New Zealannd Red Cross in support of responses to natural disaster in New Zealand and the Pacific.
New Zealand disaster management activities in the Pacific region considers disaster laws and incorporate the Guidelines on Domestic Facilitation and Regulations of International Disaster Relief where appropriate.

The issue of disaster laws and appropriate natioanl disaster management frameworks are raised in relevant regional fora, including the Pacific Island Forum and Pacific Platform for DRM.

Pledge text : For the years 2011-2015, we hereby pledge
to confer regularly between the 31st and 32nd International Conferences of the Red Cross and Red Crescent on issues related to disaster laws and disaster risk management within New Zealand and the Pacific Region.  Both parties will work together to strengthen the capacity and capability of national disaster management offices (NDMO) and tsunami risk management (as part of an all-hazard approach to early warning in the Pacific).  New Zealand Red Cross will provide the Government with the full benefit of its experience and advice as needed to support the Government's efforts to improve and strengthen its legal and policy frameworks and operational processes, and overall capabilities in these areas of disaster risk management.