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Pledge text : Rwandan Government and the Rwandan Red Cross subscribe to this resolution.
Rwanda and the Rwandan Red Cross find that it is very important that wounded people, patients, civilian people should have access to health care and that the sanitary staff as well as the Red Cross volunteers should be protected in order to provide health care to needy people without danger. The 1994 genocide could not even pretend to benefit health care. In that period, the medical staff and some Red Cross volunteers failed their mission.

The Rwandan Government and the Rwandan Red Cross are committed:

"To make effort to guarantee wounded people, patients and other people in need of health care in armed conflicts and other situations of violence and also guarantee the most reliable access to the medical staff and volunteers in order to facilitate them respond to the needs of health.

"To continue supporting and building capacities of hospitals as well as the training of the health workers and volunteers of the rwandan Red Cross as far as their responsibilities, their protection and security at the time of crisis are concerned.