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Pledge text : From 2012 to 2015 we will undertake the following actions:
- Conduct a review of existing law and develop a new comprehensive legislation to strengthen the legal status of the Rwanda Red Cross and to accurately reflect the core responsibilities of Rwanda Red Cross and its role as an auxiliary to the public authorities in the humanitarian field;

- Conduct a review of the Rwandan legislation pertaining to the emblem (Decree of 1912) and ensure that a new and comprehensive law on the use and protection of the Red Cross and other distinctive emblems recognized under international humanitarian law is adopted.
- The Government of Rwanda is committed to strengthen the partnership with the Rwanda Red Cross and as a result, an agreement of partnership (MOU) will be signed betwen Rwanda Red Cross and The Ministry of Disaster Management and Refugees in order to define areas of cooperation and respective responsibilities.
- The dissemination of the International Humanitarian Law by targeting the youth, authorities and journalists;

- On the basis of national policies of child protection and gender promotion, to continue reinforcing the programs of children and women protection so that the latter fully have access to basic needs namely health, the education etc...