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Proposed Evaluation Criteria : - Increase in the number of NSs having instituionalised values and skills based education including at prmiary level;
- Increase in the number of Red Cross Red Crescent National Societies engaging in non-formal education;

- Increase in youth engagement in voluntary service through sports, arts, theatre, music, etc...

Pledge text : Skills and Values based education

The Red Cross and Red Crescent National Societies, governments, the International Olympic Committee and other actors are committed to the promotion of a culture of non-violence and peace through nurturing humanitarian and Olympic values, developing interpersonal skills to interact constructively and live peacefully together.

With a view to building respect for diversity, nonviolence and social cohesion, we emphasise the importance of values and skills-based (formal and non-formal) education, cultural awareness programmes, and the use of sports, arts and other creative methodologies (hereafter “non-cognitive) reaching out to children, from the earliest age possible, youth and the community at large.

We pledge to:

- Enhance partnerships and collaboration through non-cognitive activities with a view to reaching out to all sectors and people of all ages of society.
- Promote skills and values based formal education, including its institutionalisation at the national level.

- Promote physical education, healthy lifestyles and avenues for voluntary service as part of the formal school curriculum, in particular at the primary and secondary level.

- Engage or increase engagement in non-formal education, transmitting values and skills based education through school or after school interventions.

- Promote access for children and youth to community-based activities such as sports, arts, music and theatre which foster dialogue, mutual understanding and non-violence.
- Support and promote initiatives empowering youth to take up a leadership role in the promotion of a culture of nonviolence and peace, such as the Olympic Truce, the IFRC YABC Youth as Agents of Behavioural Change and other youth-led initiatives.