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Proposed Evaluation Criteria : Promotion of safe humanitarian access and NIIHA at international meetings and relevant fora, internationally and domestically
Relevant Nordic strategies developed by the Ministries of Foreign Affairs, Development and Defense in the period 2012-15 take into account safe humanitarian access and NIIHA and its promotion
Nordic National Societies invited to NIIHA relevant military exercises and trainings.
Nordic National Societies hosting of and/or participation in seminars and conferences with the Nordic Armed Forces and other relevant stakeholders (such as civil protection units and peacekeeping units) on the topic of safe humanitarian access and NIIHA

Pledge text : The need to ensure safe humanitarian access at all times to victims of armed conflict remains a challenge, notwithstanding clear and unequivocal obligations under international humanitarian law to respect and protect those victims and those who provide them with humanitarian assistance. The principled and historically recognized position of the Red Cross Red Crescent Movement in providing neutral, impartial and independent humanitarian assistance (NIIHA) to all victims of armed conflicts remains as prevalent in contemporary conflicts as before and merits constant reaffirmation and recognition.

For the years 2012-2015, the Nordic Governments and the Nordic National Red Cross Societies hereby pledge:

To advocate for the respect for neutral, impartial and independent humanitarian action and the need for safe access globally with interlocutors and in relevant domestic and international fora.

To encourage participation of Nordic National Societies in relevant training opportunities with armed forces on the issue of NIIHA.

To mutually reinforce understanding amongst armed forces, civilian peacekeeping units and other relevant actors and Nordic National Societies of their respective roles and international mandates for action through cooperation.