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Pledge text : As we acknowledge that Volunteers are a very important social capital within our Movement because they contribute to the promotion of  social cohesion, solidarity and mutual understanding among people (especially during a period of financial crisis calling for an immediate and effective action), we recognize as National Society the importance of creating a more favourable policy for a better volunteering infrastructure which sustains and even improves the quality on the voluntary activities. Our goal must be also to ensure an enabling volunteering environment which reduces the barriers for the introduction and the development of a suitable legal framework, not only in national level but also in the European context.
The above-mentioned key factors are pretty essential as they increase the value of volunteering and determine the recognition of the voluntary offer. Recognition is also critical for a more visible impact when volunteers apply their voluntary activities based in the knowledge and the skills that the National Society provides to them.

Upholding the value of Volunteering, we pledge to establish the appropriate cooperation with all the stakeholders such as Governmental bodies, Local Authorities and other NGOs in order to increase awareness raising on the value and the importance of volunteering and create a more favourable attitude towards volunteering for the public benefit.


As Greece is lacking in encompassing framework law for all types of voluntary action that would facilitate the flourishing of the volunteer movement, we recognize the importance of influencing parliamentarians to take all appropriate measures which will ensure that all people can contribute their talents to the well-being of their communities and societies, especially by:

- removing existing barriers in laws and regulation for volunteering, through the creation of appropriate volunteer legislation in partnership with all stakeholders; and

- ensuring diversity and flexibility of all potential expressions of volunteerism.

The Hellenic Red Cross, other volunteer-utilizing organizations as well as individual volunteers must be prepared to support the good implementation of the relevant legal initiatives to be undertaken as it is both urgent and vital to underline that framework laws on volunteerism will facilitate the appreciation and cultivation of a volunteer spirit in order to help create a better society for all.

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