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Proposed Evaluation Criteria : Continuance and renewal of MOU between SIRC and Ministry of Health.

Three new activities launched jointly between SIRC and Ministry of Health between 2012 and 2015 which are targeted at addressing non-communicable diseases.

Increase by 20% the number of meetings between the SIRC and the SI Government.

Increase in joint work by SIRC and NDMO during disasters; increase in responsibilities and activities; evidence of joint planning and training by SIRC and NDMO including other stakeholders.

Pledge text : Promote active approaches to public health promotion: CBFA and addressing emerging non-communicable disease epidemie.

Strengthen capacity: forge stronger relationships and partnerships to address disaster risk reduction and preparedness; effective response mechanisms and accountability to give effect to the International Disaster Response Law (IDRL).

Promote and improve respect for International Humanitarian Law through awareness with its Parliamentarians.