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Pledge text : Recognizing that the challenges of our world is facing, such as local and international armed conflicts, major pandemics, violations of human rights, major migratory movements, various forms of criminality, as well as natural and man-made disasters, can no longer be met at diplomatic level only, we accept the responsibility for implementing humanitarian strategies in cooperation with Parties outside the Movement who address humanitarian concerns and emergency needs of the vulnerable population, thus facilitating interaction between international, governmental and local agencies.
As National Societies are determined to unite our strength and mobilize all relevant resources to assist humanitarian actors to work in a collective, coherent and coordinated manner in order to maximise the impact of the relief process and to establish conditions under which social progress and better standards of life will be promoted.
Acknowledging the importance of fully respecting fundamental humanitarian principles and preserving peace and democracy around the world, we commit to act with integrity, directness and transparency to take collective measures for prevention and removal of threats to the peace.

Pledge P2119