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Proposed Evaluation Criteria : The UK and British Red Cross work together to continue to promote the IDRL Guidelines, and the UK national study, so far as appropriate, within the UK and elsewhere.
The UK and British Red Cross continue to support the development of reference tools designed to support the implementation of the IDRL Guidelines, including the draft "Model Act for the Facilitation and Regulation of International Disaster Relief and Initial Recovery Assistance" led by the International Federation.
Where possible, the UK and British Red Cross provide input into experts'  processes and other initiatives on the strengthening of disaster laws ( in particular, those related to disaster risk reduction and emergency shelter activities).

Pledge text : Joint pledge between the United Kingdom and the British Red Cross Society

Following the successful completion of the UK's national study on cross-border disaster relief, the United Kingdom and the British Red Cross will continue to work together to promote the Guidelines for the Domestic Facilitation and Regulation on International Disaster Relief and Recovery Assistance (IDRL Guidelines), both in the UK and elsewhere.
Where necessary and appropriate, the UK and British Red Cross will support initiatives, including at the regional and international level, on disaster laws (in particular, those related to the IDRL Guidelines, disaster risk  and emergency shelter activities).