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Proposed Evaluation Criteria : - Adherence rate to ART in areas where the RC/RC programme is operating
- Number of pregnant women tested for HIV and referred by RC/RC programmes to access PMTCT services
- Number of orphans supported by RC/RC programmes

Pledge text : In line with our goal of enhancing equity to health services and as part of IFRC`s contributions towards the global efforts for getting to Zero new HIV infection, Zero discrimination and Zero Aids related deaths in 2012 -2015,  particularly among women, children and youth who are amongst  the most vulnerable , we hereby pledge to:
- Conduct extensive advocacy with governments and with all potential stakeholders to enhance the availability of antiretroviral therapy (ART) to all those who need and intensify Federation`s efforts on the promotion of adherence to treatment

- Expand educational activities on HIV prevention among women and encourage them to undergo screening for HIV and access prevention of mother to child transmission (PMTC) services for curbing the HIV transmission to newborns

- Strengthen collaboration with governments and with other organizations and exert maximum efforts to expand support services to children orphaned by AIDS

- Advocate for the removal of punitive laws, policies, practices, stigma and discrimination that block effective responses to HIV and AIDS, especially among the HIV key affected population, such as men having sex with men, sex worker, injecting drug users and trans-gender