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Proposed Evaluation Criteria : We establish a common working group to carry out regular consultations in order to strengthen our cooperation to address health care barriers in the community level focusing on gender and accessibility. This working group will consist of ministry of public health, WHO (health cluster), ARCS, and other ministries or agencies (based on the focus area). This working group will study health care barriers, especially inequalities and will focus on providing awareness and education opportunities for both men and women in the community level. The working group will also work toward finding new ways to address the health care barriers and inequalities now and in the future.

Pledge text : We (ARCS and Afghan Government) will strengthen our partnership to address and tackle the barriers to health care services. The focus will be in the community level under Basic Package of Health Service program of the Government throughout Afghan Red Crescent Society's basic health clinics, emergency mobile units and district level hospitals. The main barriers to access health care services equally are: security challenges, cultural barriers, and lack of trained staff (especially females). Emphasis will be placed on negotiating the ways to address these barriers. It is suggested to focus on awareness programs through mosques, provincial councils, community councils (shora), and CBHFA & volunteers (more females) to better introduce ARCS health services, providing education (general and primary health care), and encourage females for employment.