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Proposed Evaluation Criteria : Evaluation criteria (in 2015)
-        The Government of Canada will evaluate and publicly report ton an annual basis on progress made on aspects of this joint pledge as part of Canada's Action Plan for the Implementation of UN Security Council Resolutions on Women Peace and Security announced by the Government in October 2010.

-        The Canadian Red Cross, whenever possible, will take steps to raise awareness on and integrate violence prevention within its programs and services and will evaluate its progress on this pledge and report on an annual basis in accordance with the Canadian Re Cross International Operations Strategy and the International Federation's operational plan for the Strategy on Violence, Prevention, Mitigation and Response.

Pledge text : For the years 2012-2015, the Government of Canada and the Canadian Red Cross jointly pledge:

- to work within our respective mandates and priorities to prevent and respond to interpersonal violence, including sexual violence – including rape, sexual slavery, enforced prostitution, forced pregnancy and enforced sterilization – in armed conflict and humanitarian emergencies and other crisis situations through:

- Advocacy
for the inclusion of evidence-based actions within international, regional and national forums, organizations and institutions to prevent and respond to interpersonal violence in crisis situations

- Programming
in collaboration with other states, Red Cross Red Crescent National Societies, the United Nations and NGO and civil society partners to prevent and respond to interpersonal violence in crisis situations; and
- Building capacity
within international and national government and civil society organizations to develop policies, procedures training and education which include a integrated approach that is gender-based and age-appropriate to their activities and operations to prevent and respond to interpersonal violence in crisis situations.