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Proposed Evaluation Criteria : - Clear benchmark and indicators for assessing tangible progress at national level is in place;
- Annual Country reports on TB;
- Programme review and monitoring reports;

- Global TB Performance report (annual and consolidated for 5 years)

Pledge text : As part of our commitment towards a world free of tuberculosis TB, all people should be able to access TB services in full respect of their dignity, we pledge to work towards decreasing the different barriers to health services and resources for those in need of TB diagnosis, treatment and care, regardless of whom they are or where they come from. We commit to:
- Gather more information on children and women at risk or affected by TB

- Ensure that TB is part of National Society health plan in line with National TB Plan

- Double the number of people receiving Red Cross Red Crescent daily TB services

- Ensure undocumented migrants get necessary TB services

- Ensure TB in emergencies is properly addressed

- Strongly advocate for more resources to establish and support broader community based   engagement

- Advocate and mobilise funding for TB at national level

- Enhance coordination with all stakeholders, including Governments, WHO, private sector, civil society and media