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Pledge text : To monitor the implementation of model laws and other documents adopted by the IPA CIS in the sphere of international humanitarian law:

-        Model law On the Use and Protection of the Red Cross and Red Crescent Emblems (16.10.99);

-        Recommendation On the Implementation of International Humanitarian Law Applied in Armed Conflict in the National Legislations of Member Nations of the CIS (16.10.99);

-        Model Law On the Protection of the Civilian Population and Rights of Prisoners of War in Armed Conflict

-        Model Law On the Missing (25.11.08)

-        Model Law On the Use and Protection of the Red Cross, Red Crescent and Red Crystal Emblems, the Designations "Red Cross"; "Red Crescent", "Red Crystal", Distinctive Signals to Identify Medical Units and Transports" (03.12.09).