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Proposed Evaluation Criteria : A joint CCA & DDR priority and adaption framework is established and endorsed by Government and the National Society.
At least 10 (ten) rogrammes and activities undertaken by Government and National Society include joint CCA & DRR integration measures and actions.

Pledge text : Climate change, climate variability and climate related disasters are increasingly impacting the most vulnerable people in Vanuatu. Too often however, the sectors of climate change adaptation and disaster risk reduction operate in isolation without building on the strengths, knowledge and human resources that each has to offer. Both CCA & DRR have needs and capacities which should be equally valued and be used to inform effective and sustainable preparation, adaptation and development initiatives. It is essential for any effective humanitarian work that CCA & DRR be jointly steered and guided by a single development framework.

For the years 2012-2015, Vanuatu Red Cross Society and the Government of Vanuatu (through the Vanuatu Meteorological and Geohazards Department and the National Disasters Management Office) hereby pledge to:

- systematically integrate and jointly steer CCA & DRR issues into broader development work;

- develop and implement a national framework on CCA & DDR integration;

- advocate for policies and legislation to effectively bridge the gap between DRR and CCA activities;

- ensure that statutes and strategies of the Government and National Societies are updated to factor in joint CCA & DRR programmes and activities.

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