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Proposed Evaluation Criteria : Proposed evaluation criteria (in 2015):

- Increase of blood donation rate by teenage donors from 6.0% (294,000 persons) in 2009 to 6.4% (300,000 persons) in 2014.
- Increase of blood donation rate by donors in their 20s from 7.8% (1,127,000 persons) in 2009 to 8.4% (1,087,000 persons) in 2014.
- Introduction of a sound, healthcare support system to JRCS Blood Donation Centers, providing checks on donors’ blood pressure, body fat percentage etc and advice on current life-style and general health.

Pledge text : To ensure the stable supply of blood products into the future, reaffirming that it is an urgent task to secure regular blood donors centered on young adults in Japan, in cooperation and collaboration with the government, we will:
- Focus on motivating young adults and thus increase the pool of first time and repeat blood donors, fostering an environment in which people feel safe donating blood; also improving healthcare services for blood donors.

Pledge P2373