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Proposed Evaluation Criteria : - Continued advocacy and mainstreaming IDRL to Government and Asean Secretariat, NGO as well as socialisation to internal National Society or Participating National Societies in Indonesia.
- Training, workshop on IDRL thematic issues

- Supporting Governemnt of Indonesia to apply the IDRL in disaster response operation
- Networking and partnership with related sector on IDRL implementation and monitoring evaluation measures

Pledge text : As the auxiliary to the government, Indonesian Red Cross (PMI) will play more active role in advocating and promoting the application of IDRL.
PMI will share experiences and best practises with other countries to learn from other as well. The emphasis of this exercises is to enhance awareness and cooperation in South East Asia region. We will also take necessary steps to ensure effective implementation of the ASEAN Agreement on Disaster and Emergency Response (AADMER) in the near future.

Pledge P4344