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Pledge text : Furthering the auxiliary role: partnership for stronger National Societies and volunteering development.
The Government of Rwanda recognizes the role of the Rwanda Red Cross as an auxiliary to the public authorities. This partnership dates from longtime. The Rwandan Red Cross has always supported the Government in different humanitarian activities.
The Rwandan Red Cross is known by the public as an important and reliable actor in relief activities and reduction of disaster risks. In all disasters which took place in the country the Rwanda Red Cross has always been working hand in hand with the Government to rescue disaster victims.
The government of Rwanda recognizes the role of the Rwanda Red Cross volunteers and the importance of its decentralized network for services that they provide to the vulnerable people in the community.

From 2012 to 2015, the Government of Rwanda and Rwanda Red Cross will:
- Conduct a review of existing law and develop a new comprehensive legislation to strengthen the legal status of the Rwanda Red Cross and to accurately reflect the core responsibilities of Rwanda Red Cross and its role as an auxiliary to the public authorities in the humanitarian field.

- The Government of Rwanda is committed to strengthen the partnership with the Rwandan Red Cross and as a result, an agreement of partnership (MOU) will be signed between the Rwanda Red Cross and The Ministry of Disaster Management and Refugees in order to define areas of cooperation and respective responsibilities.