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Pledge text : In strengthening disaster law

(1)        To work in partnership in improve the legal preparedness of the Cook Islands for natural disasters and to receive and optimize delivery of international relief efforts. Specifically,:

-        to review existing legal framework and practices in the Cook Islands with reference to the IDRL Guidelines and the IDRL Model Act to identify obstacles to the efficient and effective delivery of disaster relief.

-        to develop policies and enact legislation to provide a central, unified, approach for Government in disaster response, relief and reconstruction and including facilitation of international disaster relief.

(2)        To work in partnership to improve disaster risk management through;

-        developing policies and enacting legislation to provide a central and unified approach for the Cook Islands in disaster response, relief and reconstruction

-        to identify ways in which Government can strengthen environmental legislation, building codes, the regulation of construction activities and the enforcement of best practice standards, to anticipate increased frequency and/or magnitude of cyclone/storm surge risks to island communities;

-        amend the Disaster Risk Management Act to recognize the independent, auxiliary role of the CIRCS and make statutory provision to encourage and facilitate close cooperation between the CIRCS and Emergency Management Cook Islands in times of emergency and disaster