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Pledge text : The Government of Rwanda and the Rwanda Red Cross support the resolution related to the legal protection of victims in armed conflicts.
In 1994, Rwanda experienced an unprecedented humanitarian crisis which ended up in the genocide of Tutsis (over one million of people were killed).
As a matter of fact, we have the tangible examples that demonstrate that the less there is non respect of the Humanitarian International Law; the more victims of armed conflicts are numerous. During this crisis we learned well the importance of the Red Cross emblem. Victims look for protection behind the Red Cross emblem. However, executioners misuse it to harm lives.
The Government, the Rwanda Red Cross and the CICR are committed to continue to educate the population on the correct use of the Red Cross emblem.
The Government of Rwanda and the Rwanda Red Cross undertake to review the existing organic law on the Red Cross emblem (decree of 1912) and so that the new law on the use and protection of the Red Cross emblem and other distinctive emblems recognized by the Humanitarian International law be adopted.