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Proposed Evaluation Criteria : - Discussions on furthering the auxiliary relationship took place and entered into practice at all levels of the public administration and of the National Society - Action steps taken lead to increased regular and predictable resourcing by the public authorities of the NS activities, functioning and organisational development
- Action steps lead to increased access by the National Society to the vulnerable in the country

- National Societies report improvement in the environment for volunteering in their country over the past 4 years

Pledge text : (Name of Country) and the xx Red Cross/Crescent will engage in a specific dialogue on how they can implement the resolution to effectively develop, manage and extend productive partnerships at all levels that contribute to strengthen the xx Red Cross/Crescent and its volunteer base. This will include the following actions.

1. (Name of the country) and the xx Red Cross/Crescent will initiate or pursue dialogue to define clear and reciprocal responsibilities.

2. The strengthening of the xx Red Cross/Crescent legal base in domestic law, in accordance with Movement standards, through sound Red Cross/Red Crescent laws.

3. (Name of the country) to create the conditions for more favourable access by the xx Red Cross/Crescent to people in need.

4. (Name of the country) and the xx Red Cross/Crescent will agree on a predictable and regular flow of support and resources adapted to the operational needs of the xx Red Cross/Crescent, its good functioning and long-term organisational development.

5. (Name of the country) and the xx Red Cross/Crescent will create and maintain an enabling environment for volunteering:

a. review relevant national law and policies and work to strengthen such frameworks as appropriate;

b. ensure safe access for volunteers to all vulnerable groups;

c. integrate volunteer capacity into domestic emergency response plans at all levels;

d. promote volunteering through measures encouraging citizens’ engagement in such activities;

e. deepen understanding of the role and impact that Red Cross/Red Crescent volunteers have in national social and economic development, as well as in responding to crises;

f. facilitate the voluntary work of the xx Red Cross/Crescent and support its efforts to mobilize recruit, train and retain volunteers.

6. The xx Red Cross/Crescent includes adequate provisions defining the status, as well as the rights and duties of volunteers within its statutory and constitutional base instruments.